Classic Staging Featured in Real Producers Magazine!

Author // Jeanne Westmoreland

Jeanne Westmoreland, Owner & Creative Director of Classic Staging LLC gets candid about home staging.

Classic Staging Featured in Real Producers Magazine!

Excerpts are shared from the February 2022 article, "A Vision of Home" written by Manuela Nivia and Jeanne Westmoreland. Published by Greater Atlanta Real Producers Magazine's February 2022 issue.

With almost 30 years of experience in the decorating and home staging field, Jeanne Westmoreland Owner & Creative Director of Classic Staging, brings a unique knowledge of the local real estate industry as only one of two active Accredited Staging Professionals Masters in the state of Georgia®. Jeanne and her team of expert professionals have made Classic Staging Atlanta's go-to staging provider. 

"Selling your house and moving is not sweet and is not an everyday event for a family," Jeanne candidly shared. "It is disruptive, stressful, emotional, and there is a lot of exhausting work to be done. Most aren't prepared, no matter how hard they try. Sensible advice through our consultation services helps Realtors® and sellers decipher what truly matters in the preparation of their home."  

While open houses and tours can easily overwhelm buyers, custom staging ensures the home remains top-of-mind throughout the buyers' real estate journey. Classic Staging not only sets the right perspective on spatial orientation but creates a lasting impression on buyers. With every project, Jeanne and her team seek to make recommendations with clients' interests at heart and provide excellent solutions for sellers based on what is available to them. 

Jeanne explains what makes Classic Staging stand out, "We offer detail in all we do. Our consultations are very thorough and consistent, including the goals, guidelines, and reasons for why we suggest what we do. Our vacant projects are consistently unique; each installation is planned and styled with particular care to ensure we target the correct audience and appropriately showcase the style and stature of the home."

As a pioneer in the staging industry, Jeanne recalls discovering her vocation in elementary school. She dug housing designs in the playground sandbox- a beginning she has characterized as "the dirt part of the path." Trained by Barb Schwarz, the founder and creator of Home Staging®, Jeanne began her staging career in earnest in the early 2000s, where she was confronted with a struggle for industry recognition, as revealed in her first-ever tagline, "Staging has finally come to the South!" However, because of the reputation that Jeanne helped create for the industry, home staging is now expected and performed in just about every successful property sale. 

"It is extremely rewarding to see our staged properties sell quickly, to hear even that there were immediate and multiple offers," Jeanne shared. "Ultimately, that's the goal, right?" And from the aesthetic perspective, the transformations are so amazing. Hearing the client's immediate reactions of stunned joy...this also really validates what we do."

You can find this in its entirety beginning on page 26 in the digital version of Real Producers Magazine February 2022 issue at the link below.

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Jeanne Westmoreland

Jeanne Westmoreland

Jeanne is the Owner & Creative Director of Classic Staging, LLC and has over 20 years in the home decorating and staging fields.  Classic Staging, LLC. is a premiere home staging company based in Woodstock, Georgia. Jeanne is deeply entrenched in the home staging industry and respected among colleagues around the world. She has achieved the highest level of accreditations through IAHSP and HSRA. Classic Staging LLC is respected and referred by the top Real Estate Agents in Atlanta.