What is Home Staging?

It is an effective marketing tool for Real Estate Agents and Sellers that are planning to sell a property.  Home Staging takes your home and packages it in a way that its best features are highlighted so the Buyer will emotionally connect to the house. From fantastic curb appeal to a beautifully staged interior, we ensure your home shows its absolute best!

Why Stage? 

Classic Staging’s Home Staging Services:

  • Help you achieve the most solid and high-quality offer on your Listing.
  • Create beautiful listing photos that get you to the top of the "must-see" list.
  • Get top dollar in less time. Historically, our properties sell faster on average and for thousands more. 
  • Turns your home into a desirable product in a competitive market.
Living room from home staging project on Montgomery Street in Atlanta. Whites and pops of color complete this modern design.

Because Home Staging Works!

Quality Home Staging creates an immediate emotional connection with prospective buyers and the research proves it. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported in a 2021 survey that 82% of Buyers' Agents said staging a home made it easier for a Buyer to visualize a property as a future home. In addition, Agents believed that 62% of Buyers expected a listing to appear as it does on TV shows. Classic Staging's  Atlanta properties sell on average 6 times faster than Georgia and 3 times quicker than National listings averages and for thousands more at all price levels. 


Classic Staging's 2021 Year-to-Date Home Staging Statistics:

  • Average 6 Staged Days on Market
  • Sold at 103% List Price

In comparison to other listings*:

  • 31 Days on Market GAR & 100% of List Price
  • 17 Days on Market NAR 

Classic Staging's 2020 Home Staging Statistics:

  • Average 11.8 Staged Days on Market
  • Sold at 98.7% List Price

In comparison to other listings*:

  • 57 Days on Market GAMLS & 96.5% of List Price
  • 31 Days on Market NAR 
Home Staging statistics bar graph showing 2018 Average Staged Days on Market in comparison to GAR & NAR. Classic Staging is at 19 Staged Days on Market which is lower than GAR at 57 Days on Market, NAR at 38 Days on Market and GAMLS at 45 Days on Market.
Pie Chart showing Percentage of Business Based on Listing Price and average Days on Market for each Price Level

In 2019, Classic Staging's home staging statistics reveal on average*:

  • 22 Staged Days on Market
  • 98% of List Price
  • 66% of our projects were at the $300,000 to $600,000 price level and they achieved 22 Days on Market and 98.1% of List Price
  • Compared to GAR (Georgia Association of Realtors) Housing Indicators of 56 Days on Market and 96% of List Price. Classic Staging projects sold over 50% faster and for more money.

*Statistics gathered from Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) 2019 Georgia Housing Indicators Report and NAR reports are available at https://www.nar.realtor/research-and-statistics/housing-statistics.  Staged Days and Market and Percentage of list price are for properties under $600,000.